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FREE LCD Premium Arming Keypad (This is an $850 Value)

  • Premium LCD arming keypad
  • Fire, Audible Police and Medical Alert Buttons
  • 1 Keychain Remote Control
  • 7 Door and Window Sensors
  • 2 Pet Friendly Motion Sensors
  • 1 Back up Battery
  • 1 Interior Siren with 110 Decibels
  • 1 RJ31X Phone jack and Cord
  • ADT Warning Decals and Lawn Sign

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As fully authorized ADT Security dealers, we at ADT Miami offer six levels of security packages to better customize our service to your requirements and budget. ADT Security offers our clients same-day installation of all systems for clients living in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Our highly trained staff speaks fluent Spanish and English, and has experience with all sorts of homes in southern Florida. ADT Security’s monitoring services start as low as $1/day and offer you something priceless, peace of mind. Your home and your family will be protected by the finest security and safety systems available. ADT Pulse (also available for ADT Business Security clients) provides 24/7 monitoring of your home against burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, and flooding. With ADT Pulse you can control lighting, thermostat, and video surveillance of your home remotely using a computer, Smartphone, or touchpad.

ADT Security’s most popular level one home security package, for example, includes an easy-to-use multi-language premier keypad with fire, police, medical, and emergency panic buttons. It also comes with a keychain remote, up to seven door and window sensors, a pet-proof motion detector, a battery back-up in case of electrical outage, a high-decibel siren, a phone line monitor, and, of course, ADT Home Security signage to place in your yard and on your windows. Additional packages offer even greater protection for more doors and windows. Let ADT Security work with you to find how best to handle your security needs.

The very instant ADT Security receives an alarm signal; we will immediately notify you and contact the appropriate authorities – whether it’s a burglar or a fire. Our carbon monoxide monitoring system has saved countless lives. Carbon Monoxide is not visible to the human eye and emits no odor, making it extremely deadly. ADT Security’s home solution package includes installation of a carbon monoxide detector to ensure that you and your family are shielded against this silent threat. Aside from protection against burglary, fire, flooding, and carbon monoxide, ADT Miami Security can help Senior citizens and other persons with medical conditions rest easy. Our one-touch emergency medical response system will ensure that you are never more than one button press away from help.

Using our online touchpad demo, you can learn the ins and outs of your new ADT Security system. Our trained professionals are only an email or phone call away if you have any questions about your new ADT Security system. Our intuitive touchpad is easily accessible to you and every other member of your family. We at ADT Security believe that every member of the household should be prepared in case of an emergency.

Unsure what level of security is appropriate for your needs? Call ADT Security now and get in touch with our Home Security solutions specialists. We can discuss our different levels of service packages and together we can develop a suitable security and safety strategy for your needs. ADT Security will never use high pressure sales tactics or try to sell you something inappropriate for your home or business.