ADT Pulse – Your Security in Your Hands!

What is ADT Pulse?

iPad ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse interactive services have elevated the home security system market from simply providing burglar alarm protection to creating a lifestyle management system. For most homeowners, having an ADT wireless security alarm system meant keeping burglars out of your home, but with the new ADT pulse, now your home alarm system becomes a way for you to have total integration in your home. ADT customers can now enjoy the benefits of not only controlling their alarm system remotely but also controlling lighting, ambient temperature of their home and even surveillance camera monitoring. This complete package is what makes ADT Pulse a lifestyle management system rather than simply a residential alarm system.

How ADT Pulse Works?

Whether you work across the street from your home or across the world, you can be connected with what’s going on back at home through ADT Pulse. Remote access through any computer or mobile device with internet capability allows you to log into your ADT Pulse interactive system and have total control. So whether you wish to monitor the status of your alarm, control the temperature setting, set a timer for lights to automatically turn on or off or even view your security cameras, it can all be done through the simple click of a mouse.

ADT Pulse Residential

ADT wireless security alarm system subscribers can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that through the ADT Pulse service, they can stay connected even when they are away from home. Through email and text notification ADT Pulse subscribers can know whenever anyone arms or disarms the ADT wireless security alarm system. For families who have children coming home from school while no one is home, this becomes a great method of tracking when the kids arrive and when they leave, which translates to total peace of mind. Remote arming is also possible through ADT Pulse, which allows flexibility so you don’t always have to be there. Remote video monitoring is also available through ADT Pulse for those times when you just want to check in without having to be there.

ADT Pulse Commercial

ADT business alarms systems are now a powerful management system through the ADT Pulse service. Now your ADT wireless security alarm system has the potential to log the opening and closing schedule of employees, which creates a business management system for you. Receive email and text notifications whenever employees open or close your business. Monitor video surveillance cameras 24 hours a day and remotely view them from anywhere in the world. Energy management integration helps reduce costly electric bills by using the ADT Pulse compatible thermostat which translates to savings for you. ADT Pulse creates an environment of total accountability which reduces the chance of inventory theft and gives your employees a better sense of security.

ADT Pulse Energy Management and Lighting Control

Through the network of Z Wave compatible products, ADT Pulse can now help you lower you energy bills. ADT Pulse approved thermostats can be integrated into your ADT wireless security alarm system to provide total control of your HVAC system. ADT Pulse also allows you to program your home alarm system to accurately set ambient temperatures to the desired range when you’re home and when you’re out. Light switches can also be integrated to provide complete lighting control including adjustment of lighting levels to reduce energy costs.