Advanced ADT Miami Home Security Alarm Systems for South Florida Homeowners

While you spend all your life in building your home and raising up a family, a small accident can take all of that away from you. It may be a burglar attack, a fire or medical emergency. When you are not around, the safety of your home and your loved ones is constantly on your mind. To relieve you from that stress, we present to you advanced home security alarm systems from ADT. Being an authorized independent dealer of ADT alarm systems, we have provided peace of mind to several residents of Miami, Florida through our state-of-the-art, multi-level ADT home security alarm systems.

The ADT security system is built to provide 24 hour monitoring solutions to the homeowners, even when they are away. The system can be remotely accessed through a smartphone, computer or touchpad, and gives you control of everything that happens inside your home. The video surveillance feature allows you to keep an eye on the activities in and around your home, when it is unoccupied or have your kids inside. You can also control the lighting and thermostats remotely as per your convenience.

For those family members who depend on you for their safety, you can provide them the desired protection by installing the ADT security systems for your home. When the system is activated, you can go on your business trips, and still be in control of the security of your home and your family. Going on family trips is also not a cause of worry for you anymore, when the ADT burglar alarm system is in place.

The nationwide ADT Customer Monitoring Centers are supported with technically advanced equipment that allows the ADT professionals to provide quick and efficient response each time an alarm goes off. The multi-faceted ADT home security system provides burglar protection, fire monitoring, flooding protection, carbon monoxide protection, and video surveillance.

Wherever you live in Miami, Florida, our technicians can come to your place for free in-home estimates and provide same-day installations. Our home security alarm system package includes LCD arming keypad, fire, police and medical alert buttons, remote control, door and window sensors and pet friendly motion sensors. Besides these, the package includes 1 backup battery, interior sire, phone jack and cord and ADT warning decals and lawn sign.

Prompt service and reasonable pricing is what makes ADT a trusted brand across the country. If you really are concerned for your home and family’s safety, we can provide a customized solution as per your needs and budget. If you are unsure about what you want, you can speak up to our friendly assistant and fix a consultation session with us. We would be more than happy to serve you with the best alternative.

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The Complete Guide to Better Home Security: Eight Simple Steps to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Some homeowners move into a pleasant neighborhood and never imagine that they could be the victims of residential burglars. While the frequency of burglaries varies from one area to another, every place has the occasional break-in. In light of this, all homeowners must take steps to prevent this dreadful scenario. Consult this guide if you want to make the burglars give up on trying to steal from your home.

Don’t Provide Opportunities

home security miami 150x150 ADT Miami, FL Alarm SystemsHiding a key outside is one of the worst home security habits. Criminals are aware that people do this, so one of the first things they do is look around for a key. They often familiarize themselves with common products used to hide keys such as fake rocks and phony sprinkler heads. You’re much better off asking a friend or neighbor to hold on to a spare key and give it to you when necessary.

Forgetting or neglecting to lock up the house is another bad habit that burglars take advantage of. It’s critical to lock the doors and windows even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes. A significant percentage of burglaries are “walk-ins”, meaning that the crook doesn’t have to smash a single window to enter the home. Once they’re inside, it doesn’t take long for them to check the most common hiding spots, stuff their pockets with jewelry or cash, and run away. Think about purchasing a keypad lock. Most of them lock automatically, but they can be opened with the passcode, so you don’t have to worry about locking yourself out.

Bragging about valuables or displaying them prominently is another home security blunder. Criminals prefer homes that are known to contain valuables, so don’t give them any reason to target yours. Often times, the most innocuous things such as a large TV in front of a window can be an invitation to burglars. The boxes from expensive items could be a clue for burglars who bother to look through garbage. You don’t have to treat all of your big purchases like top secret material, but think about whether or not you are putting out too much information.

Finally, some homeowners are in the habit of leaving notes on the door for service people, friends, or neighbors announcing that they will not be home until a certain time. A criminal would love nothing more than a guarantee that the house will be empty for the next several hours! Leaving notes to explain your absence may have been the only option in the past, but with cell phones and text messaging, there’s no reason that you can’t contact the person directly and tell them when you will be home.

Ensure that the House is in Good Repair

adt fort lauderdale home fish tank 150x150 ADT Miami, FL Alarm SystemsNaturally, your house itself should be examined for any security gaps. For starters, you should replace the locks as soon as you move in. The previous owners may have turned over a few sets of keys to you, but there’s no telling how many copies could be in other peoples’ hands.

Purchase high-quality locks from a reputable manufacturer. Modern lock designs are much more resistant to common methods of picking, so look for the latest models. Consider buying a lock that has multiple locking lugs at different points. They will be a bit more expensive and require modification of the door frame, but you can rest assured that any burglar will have a very hard time getting past your door.

Ensure that your doors are in good repair. If the door is old and rotted around the lock, it will be much easier for a burglar to kick the door in. Sliding glass doors are particularly vulnerable since the design does not allow for a very sturdy lock to be installed. Secure your sliding doors by placing a long piece of wood on the track that prevents it from being opened.

The windows could be an issue as well. They should be upgraded when necessary just like the doors. Install a sturdy latch and a pin lock for extra security. Also make sure that nobody can access the upstairs windows by climbing a tree or standing on a fence post.

If break-ins are a frequent occurrence in your neighborhood, install some window bars. They will make it impossible for an intruder to smash the glass and climb in. Most window bars are made in decorative styles so that they don’t make your house look like a jail. Be sure to get the kind that can be removed from the inside for fire safety reasons.

Home Security Begins at the Yard

Screen Shot 2014 10 29 at 2.03.34 PM 150x150 ADT Miami, FL Alarm SystemsLandscaping practices play a big role in home security in South Florida. Having a yard with lots of tall shrubs may look nice, but those plants could be providing prowling crooks with hiding spots. The last thing you want is for a person to be able to sneak up to your house without being seen by you or anyone passing by.

You don’t have to tear out every plant in your yard, but make sure that nothing is providing too much cover. Clusters of shrubs around the wall of the house and under the windows are the biggest landscaping detriments to home security. They should be kept short and neatly trimmed so that a burglar will have a harder time using it as a hiding spot.

Plenty of lights around the yard will deter burglars and add curb appeal. Install a lamp post in the front yard and a few rows of garden lamps around the perimeter of your home. It’s hard for criminals to remain unseen with so much light shining on them. Most alarm systems in Miami also feature motion lights. These innovative devices turn on instantly when a person walks in front of the sensor, which will blow a burglar’s cover and give them quite a scare.

Make Use of Modern Home Security Technology

home security in south florida 150x150 ADT Miami, FL Alarm SystemsToday’s home security technology makes it easier than ever to catch burglars before they have a chance to make off with your belongings. Start by installing an integrated alarm system from a Miami ADT home security contractor. These systems allow you to control every home security device from one convenient control panel. It’s up to you what devices to install.

A door alarm is a must-have for any security system. Most burglars enter through the door, so you should have sensors on every one of them. They’re easy to install; you simply mount one component on the frame and the other on the door. If the security system is active and the door is opened, the sensor will detect it and set off the alarm.

If the thief doesn’t enter through the door, they probably go through the window. For this reason, your windows should be outfitted with glass break sensors. These devices detect the shock and sound of glass shattering and emit a loud siren when activated. The sudden noise, which attracts the attention of anyone within earshot, sends a clear message to thieves that their presence is known and law enforcement is on the way.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras may seem extreme to some, but they are an incredibly useful feature. Having a view of any part of the house allows you to see if that bump in the night is a burglar or just a pet making noise. Some ADT Miami alarm companies can even set up a link between the camera system and your smart phone so that you can check on your home wherever you are.

Motion sensors should also be placed throughout your home. There are many motion sensors available with a wide range of detection, allowing you to cover an entire room by placing one in the corner. If you have pets, be sure to choose a motion sensor that can be programmed to disregard their movements.

Make sure that your alarm system is connected to an active monitoring center. Security companies staff these centers with attentive personnel who are alerted whenever your alarm goes off. They will then contact the proper authorities in your area. This service may very well save your life if a burglar enters the home in spite of the previous security measures.

Take Precautions When Leaving for Extended Periods

adt fort lauderdale 150x150 ADT Miami, FL Alarm SystemsYour home is most vulnerable when you are gone for several days, so you must take some extra precautions. It all boils down to concealing the fact that you are not home.

Having the mail and newspapers put on hold is a wise choice. A pile of newspapers on the porch and the mailbox stuffed with mail will let criminals know they can roam free in an empty house and take their time. Contact your post office to have these deliveries put on hold; you can then pick them up when you return.

You can also use technology to disguise your absence. There are many outlet timers on the market that control the power supply to appliances. A good strategy is to plug a few lamps into these timers and set them to go off at seemingly random intervals. This way, anyone who is watching the house can never be sure if it is empty.

But one of the best things you can do for home security on vacations is have a friend or relative stop by your house a few times to check on things. Choose someone who is very familiar with your house so that they will immediately notice if something is missing. The occasional presence of a car in the driveway will also confuse any burglars who are watching your home.

Hide and Secure Valuables

getting started with adt fort lauderdale 150x150 ADT Miami, FL Alarm SystemsEven the best equipped homes are not 100 percent resistant to burglars. Therefore, your home security strategy must include the interior of the home as well. This means making it as difficult as possible for intruders to find your valuables such as cash, jewelry, and firearms.

The problem is that the most frequent hiding spots are already common knowledge among burglars. If your valuables are in any of these “usual” spots, remove them. A safe with a combination is the best place for these valuables. Look for a safe with several locking lugs and a complex combination mechanism that cannot be opened with random guesses.

Your valuables will be even more secure if you can conceal the safe in some way. Many small safes are designed for mounting between floor or wall studs, so you can install it and cover it with a piece of furniture. Burglars won’t be able to crack into your safe if they can’t find it in the first place!

Have a Plan

adt fort lauderdale home guest 150x150 ADT Miami, FL Alarm SystemsIf a criminal should break in when you are at home, the first priority is to get yourself and your family to safety. One room of your house should be designated as a safe room. All members of the household should gather in this room if a burglar enters the home. Make sure that it has a reinforced, locking door and a telephone line for calling the police.

Your safe room should also have some means of exiting the house in case all else fails. Come up with a plan for the family to regroup at a neighbor’s house, and clear this plan with the neighbor beforehand. Run through the plan every few months to make sure that your family knows it by heart.

Make It a Neighborhood Effort

Dont Forget to Turn Your Alarm on Before Leaving Your Home 150x150 1 150x150 ADT Miami, FL Alarm SystemsHome security is most effective when it involves the entire neighborhood. Most burglars are able to move about in search of targets by blending in with the locals. If you and all of your neighbors know each other, it will be easier to recognize a stranger who may be searching for his next target.

A neighborhood watch organization is a great way to meet your neighbors and talk about recent break-ins and home security. These groups may be formally organized by the local police department, or they could be informal gatherings of neighbors. As an added bonus, the neighborhood watch signs give criminals one more reason to pass up your area. Petition your local officials to post these signs.

Ending Thoughts

These are the major points that every homeowner must take into consideration. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that even the nicest neighborhoods can be victimized by thieves. Luckily, all you have to do is learn how burglars choose their targets and cut them off before they have a chance to strike. This guide will enable you to do exactly that, giving your family and property many robust layers of security.